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Change the format please.. [Solved]

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Change the format please.. [Solved] Empty Change the format please.. [Solved]

Post  Dot on Mon 30 Dec - 15:16

Sorry for posting here with no changes in the name.. but the format has something wrong


[b]Forum name:[/b]
[b]New forum name:[/b]
[b]Reason for changing your name:[/b]

Why do we must say the reason for changing the name? maybe I am bored or something I don't have to say the reason, So it must be..


[b]Forum name:[/b]
[b]New forum name[/b]

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Change the format please.. [Solved] Empty Re: Change the format please.. [Solved]

Post  Nexux on Mon 30 Dec - 19:17

Thank you for the sugestion. I will remove the "Reason for changing your name". Thank you.

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Change the format please.. [Solved] Qmgo
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