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Guide to Role-playing

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Guide to Role-playing Empty Guide to Role-playing

Post  Ar-Zed on Sun 9 Mar - 7:15

What is In Character?

"In Character" - This basically means, Your In game characters life. Anything that your character does is In Character, this includes chatting normally to people - /SMS'ing /s(houting) /w(hispering) etc. When speaking In Characterly, Never use emoticons, unless /sms'ing, as this is Meta-Gaming.

What is Out Of Character?

Out of character is the real life world, and something that isn't related to your In character person at all. OOC otherwise known, has special commands such as /pm and /b. Any information that you find out Out of characterly, should NEVER be said or spoken about In Characterly, as that is 'Meta-Gaming'.

Metagaming, This is when you “Use Out of character information In characterly, vice versa (other way round)”. An example of this is, PM’ing your friend – “Where are you?” then replying with your location. This is Metagaming, you should keep everything In Character. Also, a very common mistake by newbies is using emoticons in IC chat. This is also metagaming and not allowed. If you’re going to use emoticons, use the “/b” local chat. “/b” is used for OOC chat.

What is a “/me” used for?

A /me is used to express what your character is doing, a simple example of this is /me coughs or /me sighs. When using the command, it will appear on the chat bar like so: [​IMG] . You cannot start a /me with "I", you must remember that it's something you would read. If you were to write /me I cough, it would say "Player_Name I cough", this wouldn't make sense. So imagine that you're going to read what a character is doing, you must think that when writing a /me your persons name will show up, (/me = Character name). (Basically /me is 3rd Person)

When would I use a "/me"?

'/me' can be used when you are in a certain scenario with someone or a situation on your own. This can be anything, from buying a car to giving someone money. Here's an example; /me holds his right hand out towards John Smith offering the money. ([​IMG]). If for instance, you was going to give someone an item, make sure you write a /do as well. This is a must as you have to give the other player an option to whether reject/accept the offer.

What is a "/do" used for?

A /do is very different from a /me. A /do is mainly used to describe something or ask a question.For example:/do The wallet is leather, with small pockets inside.( [​IMG])
A /do can also be used to ask questions, for example: /do What would you do?. Whenever you are Role-Playing with someone and you are going to give them something, you must ask the other player whether they take it or not in a /do, Not doing so will be 'Power gaming'. Another instance a /do can be used is to describe the environment, for example - If someone has Role-Played smashing up a car, you can do a /do to inform other players. Such as: /do The Huntley's windows are smashed with front lights missing. This can be done to to add more Role-Play situations and get a reaction of surrounding characters.

What is a "/rp" used for?​

A /rp is used specifically for long distance Role-Play - This can happen in many different situations. An example of this is when you may want to snipe someone, however you cannot RP with them using /me's or /do's as they are simple too far away. So you can "/rp" your Role-Play. (/rp I raise my sniper, moving my eyes towards the hole, slowly tilting the weapon to your direction - pulling the trigger).​
Sometimes, you may have gained someone's number In Characterly, but forgot OOCly. You can simply do /rp (their_name) (question) - E.G /rp I search through my phone book, scrolling down to search for your name. Do I find your number?.​

​Alternatives for "/do S/F"​

As a beginner, I used to use this a lot... (S/F = Succeed/Fail). However, many people encourage others not to use this as it looks "newbie". So other ways you can ask a question can be;​
/do Am I able to do so?
/do Does it connect? If so what happens?
/do Does anything stop me in doing so?
/do What is your reaction?
However, These are just some small examples, it really depends in what situation you're in.

Power Gaming​ (PG)

Power gaming, is when you do something that isn't physically possible or forcing an RP on someone, with the use of /me's or /do's. For example /me flies away or /do I'm invincible​
This is Power Gaming, because in real life, you wouldn't just fly away, or some how become invincible from everything. Forcing RP basically means, forcing something to happen without letting the other party have chance to respond. For example, /me punches Bob in the head, making him unconscious. This is forcing an RP, you must always let the other person respond. What the /me should really state is something along the lines of: /me moves his fist towards Bob, swinging it in his direction. /do Does it connect? If so what happens?


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