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Server and Forum Rules!

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Server and Forum Rules! Empty Server and Forum Rules!

Post  Nexux on Sun 8 Dec - 9:12

Server and Forum Rules! Eg_ser10

This is the offical rules of Endless Gaming server and forum so, we hope our members follow the rules. we have a certain Punishement. If members not follow the rules, we give the warning list first. but, if the members still doing mistake about the rules, members will get banned permanent.

This is the list of the rules.
Server Rules

  1. Don't spamming in the game (include flooding, use a capital letters and promote other server) it's disallowed.  Ban 4 days.
  2. Insulting other players, religiouns group, or other kind of grouping is disallowed.  Ban 4 days.
  3. Using a tool or hack that alters the game's performance unless supported by either Rockstar Games, Rockstar North, the SA:MP team or the Endless-Gaming administration team is disallowed.  Ban ∞ days.
  4. Deathmatching or DM is disallowed in the server. especially killing people without reason or randomly killing poeple, kill vehicle player without reason, revenge killing or kill-on-sight situations. Exceptions listed in appendix A.  Ban 5 days.
  5. At all must follow the Admin "instructions" and don't reveal their identities.  Ban 3 days.
  6. Never abuse any sort of bug ingame (cbug, glitches etc)  Ban 3 days.
  7. Don't use any other method of reporting a rule violator than the /report command.  Ban 3 days.
  8. Any misuse of a bug you find is forbidden, please report it in the Bug Reports section instead.  Ban 4 days.
  9. Evading a freeze, mute, wanted level or jail is disallowed, no matter the method.  Ban 5 days.
  10. Posting the IP address(es) or URL(s) to to any other internet resource than the EG forums at Endless-Gaming.com is forbidden.  Ban 3 days.
  11. Imitating server messages such as the connection lost, nick changed or player banned texts is illegal.  Ban 3 days.
  12. Improper use of server commands is disallowed.  Ban 3 days.
  13. Tricking a player into leaving the game, resigning from an org, transfer money or sell any kind of property is disallowed.  Ban 5 days.
  14. Being on the roof of a moving vehicle whilst shooting (or showing clear indications of intending to shoot) or occupying a passenger seat of an otherwise empty vehicle while shooting is disallowed.  Ban 4 days.
  15. Don't multi account or ban evading.  Ban ∞ days.
  16. while RPing in game, please follow this rules.

    • No poweragaming.  Ban 4 days.
    • No Metagaming.  Ban 4 days.
    • No Bunnyhopping.  Ban 4 days.
    • Asspulling, (Get weapon without describe it)  Ban 4 days.
    • Picking up health, armour or guns, or in any other way getting these during roleplay is disallowed unless the other part agrees and it is done realistically.  Ban 4 days.

17.  Don't do drive-by by using weapon like Desert eagle and Combat Shotgun. these   disallowed.  Ban 4 days.
18.  Do not interfere in another player's freeroaming. You cannot force other players to roleplay.  Ban 3 days.
19.  Being Away From Keyboard while gambling is against the rules, not responding to an admin within 5 minutes is punishable.  Ban 5 days.
20.  Hydra, Hunter, Tank, and other vehicle war is disallowed in game. except the Army organization.  Ban 5 days.
21.  Respect 10 minutes rule: Not doing revenge kills after you death, especially the Law/Government organization.  Kicked from the Organization (for someone who has joined Law), and Ban 5 days.
22.  Only English in the main chat. you can use other language while using /s or /pm  Mute. 10 minutes.
23.  Gangs doing robbery without 3 cops being online is prohibited.  Ban 4 days.
24.  Discussions about politics, race or religions are disallowed.  Ban 4 days.
25.  When robbing a store or bank, you need to roleplay the whole scene.  Ban 2 days.
26.  You can change handling.cfg only for Drifting. If you use to change your speed, that is a ban-able action. Use handling.cfg on our server to drifting only and not drag/race.  Ban 5 days.

  1. Note:
    A Exceptions:
    Whilst training, you may disregard this rule, though this requires that the following demands are met:

    • No more than three (3) players may be involved in the training.
    • The training place must be in the desert area or other area which does not interfere to players in game.
    • The maximum player in game min at least (20)

If these criteria are not met, it is not considered a training session.

This rule does not apply for incidents between players with a wanted level and on-duty law enforcment players.

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