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Tactic - History & Guide

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Tactic - History & Guide Empty Tactic - History & Guide

Post  Nexux on Thu 20 Feb - 19:37

Tactic - History & Guide Tactic12

Tactic is a private bussines where our job is to help players to kill people when he hostile or treason. Tactic team's made with the former major name Sir. Alex Freedie. He's get kicked when he join in National Army because he's taking a drugs and got jailed until 5 years. he got free from jail at 2nd March, 2007, and he have a plan to make his own organization. he has a secret place for his HQ place. However, this place is illegal. So, when the cops come to that place, all the place will got the seal from the cops.

here you can see all the guide here about Tactic Private Bussineses organization.

Table of contents:

  • What is Tactic?
  • How do I got the service?
  • How much I must pay?
  • How to join as a member of Tactic?
  • How many members slots of Tactic?

How do I got the service?

Tactic can sell his soldier to the customers or make the soldier as they guard. you can request it by calling the leader when in game or calling a high rank member to request.
more info click here

How it works?

We can kill someone in game when get requested by customers with secretly technique. like example; Using sniper, silenced 9mm, knife, and other secretly technique. If we failed to kill the person or the person has left from the game, we can give the money back to the customers fully 100%. If we succes, we will contact a customer use phone or we will show the RP like, ex: (/do Target successfully killed)

How much I must pay?

It cost from $10.000 until $1.000.000. The Basic service is we just only kill person when get requested from customer from phone. The Full service is the customers can buy the soldier/guard from Tactic as permantly. the cost is variety, from $250.000 until $1.000.000

How to join as a member of Tactic?

You can appy at forum or meet the leader in game. If you join in game, you must RP your way in to be the member of Tactic.[/font]

How many members slots on Tactic?

There is a 10 slots available. 5 slots for the main soldier, 3 slots for senior member, 2 slots for Co-Leader and Leader.[/font]

Any Question about Tactic? If yes, you can PM Nexux in forum by click his name or click here
Regards, Nexus.
Sir. Alex Freedie
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