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San Andreas Armed Forces - Recruitmen Application

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San Andreas Armed Forces - Recruitmen Application Empty San Andreas Armed Forces - Recruitmen Application

Post  Artin_Rrm on Mon 17 Feb - 7:26

If you want to join the San Andreas Armed Forces you must apply using this format bellow

Application Format

use this Format to apply, make the title of the application "First Name_Las Name - SAAF Application "

   ~ Personal Details[/b][/i]
      [u].1[/u] Full name:
      [u].2[/u] Gender:
      [u].3[/u] Age:
      [u].4[/u] Date of birth:
      [u].5[/u] Place of birth:


    ~ Contact Information[/b][/i]
      [u].1[/u] In-game name:
      [u].2[/u] Phone number:
      [u].3[/u] Address:


    ~ Language(s) [/i][/b]
      [u].1[/u] Can you speak english fluently?:
      [u].2[/u] What other languages can you speak?:

   ~ Rate Yourself[/b][/i]
      [u].1[/u] Driving skills: /10
      [u].2[/u] Flying skills: /10
      [u].3[/u] Shooting skills: /10
      [u].4[/u] English knowledge: /10
      [u].5[/u] Map knowledge: /10


    ~ Professional Information[/b][/i]
      [u].1[/u] Previous jobs:
      [u].2[/u] Reason(s) for leaving:


    ~ Legal Information[/b][/i]
      [u].1[/u] Have you ever been involved in any illegal activity?
      [u].2[/u] If answered Yes, explain the situation:


    ~ Additional Information[/b][/i]
      [u].1[/u] Why do you wish to join the San Andreas Armed Forces?
      [u].2[/u] What makes you think you are capable of being a soldier?
      [u].3[/u] Why San Andreas Armed Forces exactly, not something else?
      [u].4[/u] Did you read the code of honor?



    ~ Out Of Character Information[/b][/i]

    ≈ [b]In Game Name[/b]:
    ≈ [b]Real age(be honest)[/b]:
    ≈ [b]In Game Score[/b]:
    ≈ [b]What do you mean by Roleplay?[/b]
    ≈ [b]What is Metagaming?[/b]
    ≈ [b]What is Powergaming?[/b]


    ~ Oath:[/b][/i]

    "I, [replace with full-name], do solemnly swear  that I will support and defend the Constitution of San Andreas against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of San Andreas and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.


Thank You For Reading
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